Latest News: FNTC adds team members and new development

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

FNTC Sports NEWS - July 2018

First, meet the newest TEAM MEMBER!

FNTC Sports is excited to announce that we have officially added a new key member to the FNTC team.

Jenelle Pacetti
Jenelle Pacetti

We are also proud to announce our new Director of Events, Jenelle Pacetti! Jenelle is very familiar with coordinating events as well as large conferences and will be heading our events team. She will be responsible for assisting us with working with blockchain and sports conferences where FNTC can setup a booth and speak at different events as well as play key roles in marketing the FNTC project. She will help to coordinate our events as FNTC begins to travel and speak around the world to showcase our project. Her knowledge and expertise in many different conferences will be a major factor in the future marketing of FNTC as we begin to officially publicly launch many aspects of the FNTC project. She has coordinated numerous large events and will be a valuable asset to FNTC. Jenelle will be added to our website and white paper soon.

Introducing FNTC FANTASY

A few months ago FNTC Sports hired a development team to create a fantasy sports platform that operates only on Fantasy Sports Coin [FNTC] to be used as our "sandbox" for the universal plugin.

This is exciting for our team because the original white paper and roadmap spoke about the universal platform however did not plan for our own fantasy sports platform.

After many talks within our team, we decided it was best for the growth of our company to develop our own platform so sports fans can play seasonal and daily fantasy sports utilizing the FNTC token.

We are revising the white paper to reflect the changes coming in our project. The roadmap already accurately reflects these changes.

Our team is working hard to complete the platform and once the platform is almost completed we will announce the official dates for the Exclusive Pre Sale, General Public Pre Sale, and the ICO, then we will work toward listing on numerous exchanges. We plan to do a hard push of exchange listings and aggressively apply to numerous exchanges globally.

We are excited to announce FNTC FANTASY and believe that by launching our own platform first we have many advantages including being able to list on an exchange faster than originally expected as well as utilize our platform as a sandbox to create the features for the universal plugin for future partnerships with other platforms.

The goal is to grow the Fantasy Sports Coin [FNTC] to be the dominant sports cryptocurrency universally used for all things sports related.

We could not be happier with our team's hard work and the process we have made in such a short time. Future announcements will come as to when the platform will officially be launched.

Thank you all for your support and we look forward to not only launching the platform but officially launching the Public ICO.