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FNTC Sports Joins Fantasy Sports Trade Association To Bring Blockchain Technology To Fantasy Sports

FNTC Sports Introduces Blockchain Technology To The Fantasy Sports Sector

(Palm Beach Gardens, FL) — FNTC Sports, a Blockchain Fantasy Sports Payment Gateway and Universal Sports Cryptocurrency, announced today it is proud to join a group of more than 300 reputable businesses that compose the Fantasy Sports Trade Association including Yahoo Sports, ESPN, PGA, CBS Sports, DraftKings & more.

“Joining the FSTA only made sense seeing it holds the best and brightest of the Fantasy Sports sector. By joining the FSTA it gives FNTC Sports the ability to truly introduce Blockchain Technology to the Fantasy Sports Sector in a way that has not been seen yet” said Daniel Ryan, CEO/Founder of FNTC Sports.

"When we put this FNTC Sports idea in motion, we knew we had to build relationships within the fantasy sports universe and gain access to fantasy sports related data and research. FSTA is the central driving force of the fantasy sports industry...so joining FSTA opens the doors to those needed relationships and information." Trey Hollis, President/Founder

FNTC Sports developed a universal payment gateway that utilizes blockchain technology for Fantasy Sports Platforms as well as developed Fantasy Sports Coin [FNTC], which is a universal sports cryptocurrency that is filed with the SEC and the core method of transfer for the FNTC platforms. FNTC Sports currently operates FNTC Fantasy, a Fantasy Sports Platform that uses the FNTC token for DFS and Seasonal Fantasy Sports Games.

FSTA was founded in 1997 to provide a forum for interaction between hundreds of existing and emerging companies in the unique and quickly growing fantasy sports industry. FSTA’s mission is to serve as the principal business-driven leadership organization improving the quality of the fantasy sports community

“We are excited FNTC Sports has invested in the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, and therefore, the future of our industry’s growth, development and economic well-being,” said Megan Van Petten, Executive Director of FSTA. “When a company of FNTC Sports stature joins the FSTA, it is joining a membership of the best and brightest companies in our industry that provides invaluable input and innovation into the success of the FSTA’s program of work.”

For more information about FNTC Sports , visit www.fntcsports.com or email info@fntcsports.com. For information about the FSTA, visit fsta.org.