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FNTC Sports Introduces Hydro Swap Protocol Feature for Fantasy Sports Coin [FNTC]

FNTC Sports is proud to announce a partnership with DDEX’s Hydro Swap Protocol. The new Hydro Swap Protocol feature will make it easier for sports fans to purchase Fantasy Sports Coin [FNTC] and is now live on the FNTC Sports website and FNTC Fantasy platform.

The Hydro Swap Protocol is Fast, Simple, and Secure - it is a non-custodial decentralized token swap utility powered by the 0x protocol. DDEX is a decentralized exchange with notable investor Alexis Ohanian that has seen strong growth. FNTC Sports is excited to utilize the new Hydro Swap Protocol and is currently in discussions with DDEX for additional use of DDEX products and a possible DDEX listing.

To purchase Fantasy Sports Coin [FNTC] using the new Hydro Swap Protocol visit: