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FNTC Sports Announces The World's First Universal Fantasy Sports Crypto

Updated: Apr 4, 2018

FNTC Sports is proud to announce the creation of the world's first Universal Fantasy Sports Coin! FNTC Sports is set out to change fantasy sports by adding easier ways to monetize fantasy sports leagues, easily collect buy ins, transfer winnings, add trade incentives and allow sports fans to easily control their entire fantasy league all from one app. FNTC Sports is in the process of developing an app the will integrate with most fantasy league apps allowing leagues to easily monetize and easily control everything from one simple app.

The Fantasy Sports Coin [FNTC] will be used by the FNTC Sports App to easily transfer buy ins and winnings and allow sports fans to verify the league funds are safe through blockchain technology. All league buy ins are safely stored on the app in a vault verified through blockchain technology and are easily transferred once winners are verified.

FNTC Sports looks to revolutionize the fantasy sports sector by easily monetizing fantasy leagues and allowing sports fans to easily operate their entire league from one simple app.