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FNTC Sports Adds New Project Manager and Development Advisor

The FNTC Sports Development Team recently added a new Lead Project Manager and Development Advisor. Please join us in welcoming Chandra Chappidi to the FNTC team as the Fantasy Platform Lead Project Manager and Development Advisor for FNTC Sports. Chandra brings a strong background in computer engineering and development to the FNTC project.

Chandra holds a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and worked as an IT consultant for big five consulting firms as well as numerous companies from the S&P 500. He is currently the Managing Partner of fanvictor.com, the Ultimate White Label Fantasy Sports Plugin and is a Serial entrepreneur, investing in numerous startups around the world.

We are excited to officially announce Chandra as part of the FNTC Development Team and look forward to the value he brings to our project.