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FNTC Sports 2020 Update

FNTC Sports Update:

During the bear market we took the time to add new features to our fantasy sports platform, add new team members, and begin negotiating some major partnerships over the last few weeks. We have been approached by some well know companies interested in FNTC. We have seen a strong fresh interest in our project over the last few months.

We are focusing on two main areas of our company as interest begins to flood back into the blockchain and crypto sector.

The first area is growing the FNTC team. We have been working and are in discussions with developers and new perspectives to join our executive team as well as someone to lead our marketing team.

The second area we are focusing on is growing the FNTC community. This includes our social media accounts, token holders, users on the FNTC Fantasy platform and more. We will be aggressively working to bring awareness to FNTC moving forward.

We have a few more minor updates to complete but overall we are completed for now with updates and additions to the platform and moving forward will primarily focus on the above two areas in 2020. As we grow we will continue to add new features and develop further.

We have survived the down market and brutal last few years. We are excited to see how the blockchain market continues grow in 2020.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

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