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FNTC Fantasy To Accept Bitcoin In Hopes To Attract New Users

FNTC Sports continues to upgrade the FNTC Fantasy Platform and has started to develop additional multi-payment features such as accepting Bitcoin (BTC) for Fantasy Sports Contest in hopes to attract new users. These changes come as FNTC Sports continues to develop the FNTC Fantasy Platform in preparation for the 2019/2020 NFL Fantasy Sports Season.

"Our hopes when making this decision was to attract new users that were familiar with Bitcoin, while providing more incentives for paid contest and additional cryptocurrencies so that users can easily fund their FNTC accounts with coins they are familiar with, such as Bitcoin (BTC)." said FNTC Sports Founder & CEO, Daniel Ryan.

This decision comes at a time when Bitcoin has seen a change in sentiment as a majority of the market has turned bullish in expectance of a strong rally to the upside in the overall cryptocurrency market.

"Due to the high risk involved with alt coins, such as FNTC, and concerns users have in regards to liquidity of smaller alt coins, the FNTC Sports team decided to bring new users to the FNTC Fantasy site and ease these users into using the FNTC token, it would make the most sense to accept Bitcoin, especially as Bitcoin gains popularity and acceptance globally." Ryan said. "We feel this will bring new users as well as increase contest interest."

When asked how this would impact Fantasy Sports Coin [FNTC], Ryan said, "We have been considering this move for a few months and have carefully researched and consulted with different advisors and investors within the FNTC project to see if accepting Bitcoin (BTC) would have any negative impact on the FNTC token and we concluded that there would not be a negative impact and there would many positive opportunities that can arise from this move. The FNTC payment gateway still operates and uses the FNTC token, which is key in the development of the FNTC Universal Payment Gateway for fantasy sports sites. This move in no way negatively impacts the payment gateway or the FNTC project." Ryan said. "If anything, we believe that we can use the ability to accept Bitcoin (BTC) to increase the acceptance and awareness of Fantasy Sports Coin [FNTC]."

There are safe guards in place to prevent money laundering and protect users that choose to use multiple payment methods such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Fantasy Sports Coin [FNTC]. These new features are currently being developed and added to the FNTC Fantasy Platform and are expected to be available for testing by the FNTC team sometime within the next 2 weeks.

This is just one of the new upgrades that are currently in development in preparation of the 2019/2020 NFL Fantasy Sports Season. The team has recently explored ways to expand the FNTC footprint beyond Fantasy Sports and plans to announce a contest for the upcoming NFL Fantasy Sports Season.

It is expected that there will be up to 1 Million FNTC tokens that will be available to win in different give aways and contest as the 2019/2020 NFL Fantasy Sports Season begins. More details on this give away are expected to be released in the coming weeks.

FNTC Fantasy also

plans to announce their seasonal trade feature this year as part of the new additions to the platform.

The team has been working hard during the summer to prepare for football season and to add new features to the site that are expected to drive more interest.

The FNTC team plans to make an official press release announcement over the coming weeks regarding the new features to the platform such as accepting Bitcoin once testing has been completed as well as other announcements that are expected to be released.