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Breaking News: FNTC Sports to Develop Website Version First

Updated: Apr 23, 2018

There has been an update to the FNTC White Paper and upcoming update to the Roadmap.

FNTC Sports will release a website version of our app first that will allow sports fans all the same capabilities of the FNTC Sports app however will allow us to release a well-tuned working product faster to gain more traction for the release of the app and garner market confidence. This slight pivot in overall development of the FNTC project will provide sports fans and FNTC holders a platform to utilize their tokens and will be a major milestone in the FNTC project.

The site will be separate from our business site and is being developed by a professional web design and development company. The site will also be able to showcase the capabilities of our app, which will be the next phase and product to be released after the website version.

We are excited to launch FNTC Sports officially to the public and look forward to growing this project. We will keep everyone updated on the progress of the development and when the site is completed and ready for the public roll-out. This is great news for FNTC Sports investors providing a platform to implement our vision before the release of the mobile app. We believe this will help the growth of the FNTC project and be beneficial in completing the app with strong user engagement and increased user adoption.

Additionally, the current Roadmap, as displayed on the FNTC Sports business site, will be expanded and redesigned to include greater details as to the ongoing development of the FNTC Sports project.

Click to view the updated FNTC White Paper.