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NFL Seasonal Fantasy Sports League Registration


Enter now for your chance to win Fantasy Sports Coin [FNTC]

1st Place:    300,000 FNTC

2nd Place:  150,000 FNTC

3rd Place:     50,000 FNTC

Enter and Play In The NFL Seasonal Fantasy Football League For Free. The first 10 sports fans to register will play against each other in a fantasy football league for the chance to win up to 500,000 FNTC in prizes.

Enter your information, team name and FNTC Username to enroll in the FNTC contest.

The date of the LIVE DRAFT will be announced in the coming weeks.

*** You must have an active FNTC Fantasy Account to enter the NFL seasonal fantasy sports contest***

***To open a FREE FNTC Fantasy account visit: www.fntcfantasy.com***

***One Entry Per Person***

Register Now For Free