FNTC Sports Presents the Fantasy Sports Coin
and the Universal FNTC Payment Gateway based in 

Blockchain Technology

FNTC Sports has developed a universal payment gateway for the fantasy sports industry and the sports sector. FNTC is the utility token used on the FNTC Fantasy platform/gateway to securely collect, store, and transfer league funds and winnings with full transparency using Blockchain Technology. Fantasy Sports Coin [FNTC] is an ERC20 Token that is utilized on the FNTC Fantasy platform utilizing the FNTC token as the core method of transfer. FNTC Sports also is in early stages of development of the FNTC Payment Gateway that allows fantasy sports platforms to easily allow sports fans to collect league buy-ins, transfer winnings, store league funds and even add trade incentives. FNTC operates off the Ethereum blockchain giving sports fans the benefit of utilizing the blockchain network to ensure their league funding is safe and secure as well as gives sports fans the ability to track the transfers within their league. Fantasy leagues managers will be able to eliminate the hassle of chasing down league members for fantasy dues, and provide a fast, secure, and easy way to transfer/store all league funds and winnings.


Daniel Ryan
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Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Ryan is the CEO and Fund Manager for AmeriTrend Financial as well as was an early investor in Bitcoin. Daniel first invested in BTC back in 2010 after a friend told him about Bitcoin while working as a Senior Portfolio Manager at a well known Precious Metals Firm. Daniel soon after started Global Bitcoin Management which was a small online Bitcoin brokerage firm before later becoming AmeriTrend Financial. AmeriTrend Financial currently owns equity in numerous crypto concepts.

Daniel Ryan quickly became known as a serial entrepreneur and continues to assist numerous entrepreneurs in starting their own business ventures. He comes from the Banting family which includes John Winthrop, Sir Fredrick Grant Banting, the discoverer of Insulin and more.

FNTC  Team

Chandra Chappidi

Chandra Chippidi

Fantasy Platform Lead PM

& Dev Advisor

Chandra holds a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. As an IT Consultant, Chandra has worked with the "Big 5" consulting organizations and has worked on projects for many S&P 500 companies. He is a Serial Entrepreneur who invests in many global startups and is part of  FanVictor.com - the Ultimate White Label Fantasy Sports Plugin.

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Jenelle Pacetti

Director of Events

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