FNTC Sports Presents

The World's First Universal Fantasy Sports Crypto

FNTC Sports Coin Concept

The vision is to integrate your favorite fantasy league platforms such as NFL Fantasy, ESPN,

Yahoo! Sports, MLB Fantasy, etc., with the FNTC Gateway.


This will allow users to play on the fantasy platform they know and love while adding the FNTC Gateway into the platform to easily monetize their league and transfer Fantasy Sports Coin [FNTC] to one another via the FNTC Payment Gateway.


Operate like a real sports GM - offer trade incentives and side pots for weekly “pick ‘em” games. 




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FNTC Sports is proud to announce the creation of, Fantasy Sports Coin [FNTC], the World's First Universal Fantasy Sports Crypto as well as announce the development of the world's first Blockchain Fantasy Sports Payment Gateway!

FNTC Sports is a sports tech company seeking to improve fantasy sports through blockchain technology by providing sports fans with an easy-to-use payment gateway that will integrate with most fantasy league platforms allowing users to easily control and verify, through blockchain technology, league buy-ins, the transfer of winnings, trade incentives, and more.

The FNTC Sports Payment Gateway quickly transfers all league funds to a secure eVault until winnings are set to be disbursed. All funds are transferred on the app using the FNTC coin then are instantly converted to USD to protect league funds from market volatility. This gives sports fans a safe, easy and secure way to send and collect money in their fantasy leagues as well as operate their entire league all from one easy app.